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do not buy!

I want my money back! I am terribly disappointed with this product. There is nothing that this app provides that I can’t get from my normal Apple weather app. Did I miss something? I was hoping to get weather comparison - average/extreme - from different citys. But all i got was current temperature comparison. I get those anyway from the weather app! Did I miss anything?

Americans won't want this app

Americans won't want this app This app will only display is Celsius and has no way to change the temperature display to Farenheit. Waste of a download.


Great weather app! I love how I can add multiple locations.


Only Celsius


Only in Celsius and only temperature is given.

Fahrenheit is needed

Fahrenheit is needed and maybe some additional comparisons like Chance of Precipitation, Temperature Feels Like, etc...

Only in Celsius. Need Fahrenheit

I would like something like this but needs a setting preference

Great idea, needs Fahrenheit option

If you add that I will rate 5 stars.

Needs a LOT of work!

The premise of this app is brilliant, (which was why I purchased it) but it falls so short of what it could have been that I don't think I'll ever use it. The most annoying thing is that the location names don't remain in a consistent order from page to page; so for example, on high temperatures your lineup will show Berlin, Atlanta, Santiago and for winds it'll show Santiago, Berlin, Atlanta. This makes comparisons much more difficult, which was the whole point of this app! Second, it keeps dumping certain locations I've typed in so I have to re type them the next time I open the app. This untenable. Thirdly, (yes, I understand I'm a stupid American) there's no apparent option to display temperatures in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.